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I am so thrilled that AnnimationsMkUp is a nationally published and recognized Bridal Beauty Vendor. Our happy Brides beam with joy when they reflect on their special day; not only because of how they looked, but because of how looking the way they've always dreamt of made them feel - beautiful and carefree, able to enjoy

her day to the fullest, marrying the love of her life, feeling 100% herself.

Whether you're needing Bridal Makeup Toronto Glamour Style or Bridal Makeup Calgary Rustic Style, we have consistently exceeded all of our client's Bridal Hair and Make Up expectations. Check out the following accounts of some of our lovely Brides and see why getting Annimated is the right choice for you!




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"Annika was a dream to work with!

Very professional and friendly which put me completely at ease, especially dealing with a four day Indian wedding! She is the Best at what she does! I loved my hair and make up both days for all of my outfits, and she even helped me put on and pin my Indian outfits and all my jewelry. 

A big thank you also for doing a beautiful job on my bridesmaid/MC. She too loved her hair and make up and to this day, she still talks about how beautiful she looked and people are constantly asking me who I hired!

Thank you so much for your services on my wedding as well your continuous expertise consultations now.  After my experience working with you, I only trust you with make up advice. I hope to learn to recreate the same looks from you one day! The most amazing part about Annika which also separates her from other vendors besides being a gifted make up artist, is that she is always available to direct me with any beauty and fashion advice even to this day! I have a special place for Annika in my heart, she has become my friend, and my confidant. This is the type of professional everyone should dream of to share the happiest day of thier lives with! 

A loving note can barely say all I felt on those magical days. This testimonial was difficult for me to write, as words can't express my sincere gratitude towards Annika as she is always ready to help. She is a beautiful soul inside and out. People like her are one in a million! xoxxo" - Farrah Mussa Truong

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